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Cub Cadet Z-Force S 54

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Most production builds of the Z-Force S 54 are powered by a 24 HP Kohler Courage V-twin engine. The triple blade 54" sloped nose mowing deck is made of 11 gauge steel. It is belt driven, and has greasable gauge wheels to keep it from scalping high spots in the turf. The engine oil capacity is 2 quarts. Replacement Cub Cadet parts can be looked up and ordered right here on cubparts.com.

A list of Z-Force S54 part numbers is given below. Part numbers are updated sometimes, so check the parts lists with our diagrams to be sure you order the correct part numbers. Air Filter: KH-32-083-06-S; Blades (Outside): 02005018; Blade (Center): Set of 3; Blade Nut: 712-3078; Brake Switch: 725-04363; Carburetor Repair Kit: KH-24-757-46-S; Carburetor Solenoid: KH-24-757-45-S; Deck Belt: 954-04137A; Deck Wheels: 634-3159; Drive Belt (Trans): 954-04250; Fuel Cap: 951-3124E; Fuel Filter: KH-25-050-22-S1; Fuel Pump: KH-24-393-16; Ignition Module: KH-24-584-45-S; Ignition Switch Module: 925-04227B; Oil Filter: KH-52-050-02-S; P.T.O. Belt: 954-04262; P.T.O. Clutch: 917-04754; P.T.O. Switch: 925-04175; Pre-Filter: KH-32-083-08-S; Roller (Front and/or Back): 731-3005; Seat Switch: 725-05208; Spark Plug: 759-3336; Spindle Bolt (Center): 710-05110A; Spindle Bolt (Outside): 710-05173; Spindle Housing Assembly: 918-04426; Voltage Regulator: KH-41-403-10-S; Water Nozzle Adapter: 921-04041; Owner's Manual: 769-06499

Cub Cadet Z-Force S 54 Models

  • Z-Force S 54 (17AF5GHC) Residential (2011), 17AF5GHC010 (2011)
  • Z-Force S 54 (17AI5GHC) Residential (2012), 17AI5GHC010 (2012)
  • Z-Force S 54 (17AI5GHC) Residential (2013), 17AI5GHC010 (2013)
  • Z-Force S 54-KH (53AH5FJC050) (Commercial) 23HP Kohler, 53AH5FJC050