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Cub Cadet Z-Force 48

We sell and ship Cub Cadet Z-Force 48 Parts!

Parts for Cub Cadet zero turn mowers can be ordered here on cubparts.com. First, find the exploded view diagrams for your mower model, then use the diagrams to find the part numbers you need. Once you've identified what you want, just add the parts to the cart and your order should be delivered within a few days if there aren't any backorders.

Many of the Z-Force 48 mowers are powered by Kohler Courage Pro 23 HP engines. These two-cylinder, four stroke V-twin engines are air cooled and use a pressurized lubrication system. The 48" belt-driven deck can be adjusted from height positions of 1" up to 4". When pumping air into the tires, the front casters take 8 to 10 psi; the rear tires take 20 to 25 psi. Follow the maintenance instructions and safety rules in your owner's manual.

Always use original Cub Cadet factory spec parts. Below are some of the part numbers you may need when servicing your Z-Force 48. But be sure to check the parts diagrams here on cubparts.com in case a part number has changed (where this is the case, it is usually noted on the diagram parts lists.)

Air Filter & Pre-Cleaner: KH-32-883-03-S1; Blades (Outside): 2005017; Blade (Center): Set of 3; Blade Nut: 712-3078; Brake Switch: 02000024P; Carb Repair Kit: KH-24-757-46-S; Carburetor Solenoid: KH-24-757-45-S; Deck Belt: 2000154; Deck Wheels: 634-3159; Drive Belt (Trans): 2002648; Fuel Cap: 951-3124E; Fuel Filter: KH-25-050-22-S1; Fuel Pump: KH-24-393-16; Ignition Module: KH-24-584-45-S; Ignition Switch Module: 01003581P; Oil Filter: KH-12-050-01-S1; P.T.O. Belt: 1009787; P.T.O. Clutch: 01008434P; P.T.O. Switch: 1002111; Reverse Switch: 1001717; Pre-Filter: ; Roller (Front & or Back): 731-3005; Seat Switch: 1003277; Spark Plug: 759-3336; Spindle Bolt (Center): 2000071; Spindle Bolt (Outside): 2000819; Spindle Housing Assy.: 918-04426 (A]; Voltage Regulator; Water Nozzle Adapter: 921-04041; Owner's Manual: 769-05002

Cub Cadet Z-Force 48 Models

  • Z-Force 48 B&S Intek, 53AA5A7M710, 53AA5A7M712
  • Z-Force 48 Kohler 17AF3AGV, 17AF3AGV710, 17AF3AGV010, 17AF3AGV009, 17AF3AGV210
  • Z-Force 48 Kohler 17BF3AGV (2010), 17BF3AGV010 (2010)
  • Z-Force 48 Kohler 17BF3AGV (2011), 17BF3AGV010 (2011)
  • Z-Force 48 Kohler 17BF3AGV (2012), 17BF3AGV010 (2012)
  • Z-Force 48 Kohler 17BF3AGV (2013), 17BF3AGV010 (2013)
  • Z-Force 48 Kohler 53AA5B6V, 53AA5B6V710