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The Cub Cadet RZT54 is a residential zero turn mower with a 54" mowing deck. It has been built with slight differences over the years, so be sure to use the diagrams for YOUR model as you look up parts here on cubparts.com. Kawasaki and Kohler engines ranging from 24hp to 26hp have been used to power the RZT54. That's why sometimes you see the model number written as RZT54 KH or RZT54 KW.

Below is a list of common replacement parts used on these mowers. (Check the diagrams to be sure you get the right ones for your build).

ENGINE NO.: SV725-3030, FR691-S05; Air Filter: KM-99999-0384; Air Filter & Pre-Cleaner: KH-32-883-03-S1; Blades (Outside): 942-0677B, 942-04053C; Blade (Center): Set of 3; Blade Nut: 712-0417A, 712-0417A; Carburetor Repair Kit: KH-24-757-46-S; Carburetor Solenoid: KH-24-757-45-S, KM-21188-7002; Choke Cable: 946-1085A; Deck Wheels (Front): 734-04155, 734-04155; Discharge Chute: 631-05058, 631-05058; Fuel Cap: 951-12428, 951-12428; Fuel Filter: KH-25-050-22-S1, KM-49019-0014; Fuel Pump: KH-24-393-16, KM-49040-7008; Ignition Key: 625-05000, 625-05000; Ignition Module: KH-24-584-45-S, KM-21171-0711; Ignition Switch Module: 925-04228, 925-04228; Interlock Switch NO/NC: 725-04363, 725-04363; Oil Filter: KH-12-050-01-S, KM-49065-7007; P.T.O. Belt: 954-04329, 954-05008; P.T.O. Clutch: 917-05123, 917-05122; P.T.O. Switch: 925-3233, 925-3233; Park Brake Cable: 946-05008, 946-05008; Seat Switch: 925-05013, 925-05013; Solenoid: 725-04439, 725-04439; Spark Plug: KH-25-132-14-S, KM-BPR4ES; Spindle Assembly w/Pulley: 918-05137, 918-04125B; Throttle Cable: 946-04830A, 946-04352A; Trans Drive Belt: 954-04317, 954-04317; Voltage Regulator: KM-21066-7017; Water Nozzle Adapter: 921-04041, 921-04041; Operator's Manual: 769-08448A, 769-08448A; Illustrated Parts Listing: 769-08793, 769-08793

Cub Cadet RZT54 Models

    • RZT54 Kawasaki (2008 & Before), 17AI2ACK709, 17AI2ACK710, 17AI2ACK010 (2008)
    • RZT54 Kawasaki (2009), 17AI2ACK010 (2009), 17AI2ACK056, 17AI2ACK256
    • RZT54 Kawasaki (2010), 17AI2ACK010 (2010), 17AI2ACK056 (2010), 17WI2ACK056 (2010), 17WI2ACK010 (2010)
    • RZT54 Kawasaki 17WI2ACK (2011), 17WI2ACK010 (2011), 17WI2ACK056 (2011)
    • RZT54 Kohler 17WF2ACK (2011), 17WF2ACK010 (2011)
    • RZT54KW Kawasaki 17YI2ACK (2012), 17YI2ACK010 (2012)