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The Cub Cadet RZT-L zero turn mowers are controlled with lap-bar steering handles. This series includes 42" RZT-L42, the 46" RZT-L46, the 50" RZT-L50 and the 54" RZT-L54. The 42" and 46" mowers have twin-blade floating decks; the larger 50" and 54" decks have three blades. These mowers all have V-twin engines with cast-iron cylinder sleeves. We have parts for the engines, too, whether it's a Kohler or Kawasaki. Dual Hydro-Gear EZT hydrostatic transmissions drive the RZT-L. All models are built with 12-guage steel frames, 2" x 3" fabricated axles, sealed caster wheel pivot bearings, an operator presence safety system, an integrated parking brake in the steering levers, and a fuel tank capacity of 2.8 gallons to keep you mowing. Whether you are doing maintenance service to your RZT-L, replacing the blades, or replacing a worn-out switch, you'll be pleased with how easy it is to look up genuine Cub Cadet parts right here on cubparts.com!

Cub Cadet RZT-L46 Models

    • RZT-L46 (2013), 17AFCACT056 (2013), 17AFCACT010 (2013)
    • Cub Cadet RZT-L50 Models

    • RZT-L50KH (2013), 17AFCACP009 (2013), 17AFCACP010 (2013), 17AFCACP056 (2013), 17WFCACP009 (2013), 17WFCACP010 (2013), 17WFCACP056 (2013)
    • RZT-L50KW (2013), 17AICACP010 (2013), 17WICACP010 (2013)
    • Cub Cadet RZT-L54 Models

    • RZT-L54KH (2013), 17AFCACK009, 17AFCACK010, 17AFCACK056, 17AFCACK209, 17WFCACK009, 17WFCACK010, 17WFCACK056, 17WFCACK209 (2013)
    • RZT-L54KW (2013), 17AICACK010 (2013), 17WICACK010 (2013)