?? Cub Cadet 3X Snow Blower Thrower Parts

Cub Cadet 3X Snow Blower Parts

Cub Cadet 3x Snow Blower

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Cub Cadet's innovative 3X snow throwers are fast and efficient at clearing away snow. The 3-stage snow handling system consists of the following systems: 1) heavy duty serrated collection augers move snow toward the center of the intake housing; 2) a 12" diameter induction accelerator grinds up icy chunks of snow and propels it into the discharge propeller behind it; 3) the high speed discharge impeller (12" diameter) blows the snow up through the discharge chute.

The 3X snow thrower models have clearing widths of 26", 28" or 30" and snow intake heights of 21" or 23". They easily handle snow volumes up to 18" deep. Non-marking Cool Blue skid shoes on the auger housing guide the blower. An in-dash headlight is built into the center dash. The high-impact discharge chute and pitch are easily controlled from the operator position. The extra heavy duty (HD) models feature HD steel scraper bars on the front and steel discharge chutes.

Fuel capacity in the gasoline tanks is 5 quarts. The 3X snow blowers are powered by overhead valve Cub Cadet 4-cycle engines. Trigger-activated power steering gives positive maneuverability. Tire sizes are 15" x 5" or 16" x 6.5" with X-TRAC snow tread. The cast aluminum auger gear box is very durable. These Cub Cadet snow throwers have 6 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds.

Here is a list of Cub Cadet 3x Snow Blower Models

  • 3X 26-Inch 31AH55TA (2013), 31AH55TA710 (2013), 31AH55TA756 (2013)
  • 3X 26-Inch HD 31AH55SX (2013), 31AH55SX710 (2013)
  • 3X 28-Inch 31AH55TB (2013), 31AH55TB710 (2013), 31AH55TB709 (2013)
  • 3X 30-Inch HD 31AH57SZ (2013), 31AH57SZ710 (2013)