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Cub Cadet 2X Snow Blower Parts

Cub Cadet 2x Snow Blower

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Cub Cadet 2X-Series snow blowers will clear the snow from your driveway in any snowstorm. With intake heights of 21" or 22", they perform best in snowfall acumulations of up to 12". The 2X snow throwers come in a variety of widths, from 24" to 45". All 2X models are self-propelled with 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds and very easy to steer even in heavy snow. The steering is controlled by hand triggers on the handlebars (all models except the 2X 524WE).

These snow throwers are powered by reliable Cub Cadet OHV 4-cycle engines with extended oil fill tubes. The engines start easily even in cold weather with the push button electric start feature. All you do is plug into an ordinary wall outlet, push the start button and the engine starts. The recoil starter cord can be used when electricity is not available.

The auger intake is guided by Cool Blue rust-resistant skid shoes and a steel scraper bar. Fuel capacity is 2 quarts on the 2X 524 models and 5 quarts on the other 2x models. Tire sizes are 15" x 5" or 16" x 6.5" with snow-capapble X-TRAC tread. The 2X 728 TDE model is track drive. Heated hand grips are standard on some models. A heavy duty serrated auger pulls the snow into a 12" or 16" impeller.

Snow is discharged through a clog-resistant chute. Chute rotation and pitch control can be handled easily from the operator position.

Here is a list of Cub Cadet 2X Snow Blower Models

  • 2X 524SWE, 31BM53TR709 (2013), 31BM53TR710 (2013), 31AM53TR756 (2013), 524SWE (2013)
  • 2X 524WE, 31AM63TR710 (2013), 31AM63TR756 (2013), 524WE (2013)
  • 2X 526SWE, 31BH54TS710 (2013), 31AH54TS756 (2013), 526SWE (2013)
  • 2X 528SWE, 31BH54TT709 (2013), 31BH54TT710 (2013), 31AH54TT756 (2013), 528SWE (2013)
  • 2X 530SWE, 31BH55TU710 (2013), 31AH55TU756 (2013), 31AH55TU709 (2013), 530SWE (2013)
  • 2X 728TDE, 31AH74TT710 (2013), 31AH74TT756 (2013), 728TDE (2013)
  • 2X 930SWE, 31BH95SU710 (2013), 31AH95SU756 (2013), 930SWE (2013)
  • 2X 933SWE, 31BH95SV710 (2013), 31AH95SV756 (2013), 933SWE (2013)
  • 2X 945SWE, 31BH97SW710 (2013), 31AH97SW756 (2013), 945SWE (2013)